Winx Club – Flora

by Brian

Winx Club FloraFlora, as her name will indicate, is the Nature Fairy who pulls her powers from the beauty in the world such as plants, trees and flowers. She is also by far the most creative when it comes to magical potions and can whip up something special and unique for any situation. And did we mention that Flora is the wisest of the Winx? Well, she is. :)

Flora was born in a place called Lynphea, a peaceful and very calm and laid back place to live. As you would expect of her love of nature, Flora enjoys spending time out in the open strolling through the meadows and taking in all the beauty around her. A very emotional and smart Fairy, Flora is truly special to her friends and all that know and love her.

  • Flora will pose with the best of the Winx with her 11 points of articulation including arms, legs and head allowing unlimited fashionable poses.
  • She comes with beautiful sparkly hinged wings that can be used on any of your Winx Club Dolls.
  • Unlock exclusive content online with Flora’s collectible magical membership card.
  • Great for all children ages 4 and up.

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